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October 14, 2011

Why Devil’s Den is Scary to Me!

A view of Devil's Den from Little Round Top.

When I was about 15 years old when I first journeyed to Devil’s Den.  It was one time in particular I remember very clearly.  My friend Amanda, Miguel, Ahmed and I decided to go on an exploration of the Gettysburg Battlefield.  The four of us hopped into my 89′ Dodge Daytona and drove to Gettysburg.

We arrived at “The Den” about five o’clock with only a couple of hours of daylight left.  Now if you have never been to Devil’s Den, you should know that is it a very cool place.  Devil’s Den is a rock climbers dream.  Large boulders and intertwining rock sculptures make up one heck of an obstacle course for adventurers, and being the adventurer that I am, I proceeded with the climbing expedition.

As dusk approached, the four of us gathered our belongings and made our way back to car.  The only problem was, I had parked the car at the top of the hill up by Little Round Top, so we had a little bit of a hike back to my ride.  Walking up hill is no fun, especially in the rain, so by the time it started drizzling we began to move a little faster.

On our uphill journey, we were greeted by a tall thin man clothed in a flannel t-shirt with a dirty baseball cap.  He explained to us that he heard screaming coming from the woods across from Devil’s Den.

My friend Amanda was pretty reluctant to help this stranger, me on the other hand, was a bit skeptical.  The strange man said he heard screams coming from afar and wanted us to go with him and check-it-out and he would give us a lift up to our car.

Miguel at this time tugged my arm, “I saw this on America’s Most Wanted once!”  Miguel seemed pretty scared.

The strange man said he was accompanied by his friend and his friend’s fiancée, but didn’t know where they were and needed help finding them.  I told the stranger thanks but my friends and I were going to just walk back to the car.  So Miguel, Ahmed and I made our way up the hill while my friend Amanda, although i urged her not to go, left with the strange guy.

Moments later, I saw my friend Amanda hop into a tan four-door car with the strange guy and what appeared to be two other passengers in the car.  The headlights turned and made their way towards us coming up the slick road.  We all began to run into the field, hopping, falling and leaping over rocks and sticks.

My heart was pounding.  i felt like I was being chased and I didn’t know what to do.  The three of us gathered behind a tree and contemplated what move we were going to make next.  I said, “let’s all make a run for it, and when we get to the car, lock the doors, and if Amanda is not back in ten minutes, we call the police.”  I mean, what if she had really been kidnapped?

So about five minutes go by, and I see the same pair of headlight making their way towards my car.  The car then pulls over, and i could see a woman, a man dressed in a civil war costume, the strange thin guy, and my friend Amanda in the gleam of the over-head car light.

A huge sweep of relief came over me.  The couple gave us a wave and were off with the thin gentlemen into the night.  Although we didn’t see any ghosts that evening, we still, with exception of Amanda who was calm as can be, got the pants scared off of us!

October 14, 2011

Why Pennsylvania Hall at Gettysburg College is Haunted!

Gettysburg College

In a previous post, I listed the top ten most haunted places in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania Hall at Gettysburg College being one of them.  See, some people may not know that Pennsylvania Hall was once referred to as “Old Dorm” and was used as a hospital to aide wounded soldiers during the Civil War.

The Cupola located atop the hall was also used as a look-out post by soldiers during the war; it was even said that General Lee used this post to see who was coming.  The Hall was constructed in 1838, one of the college’s first buildings which now serves as the administrative office.

Legend has it that a ghost of a Civil War soldier appears to unexpected students on campus atop the Cupola at Pennsylvania Hall.  It is even said that he is seen aiming his rifle at students down below on ground.  Students alarmed campus security of a gunman hiding out on campus.  When security further investigated the claims, they came to find that the hall was locked and nobody was up there according to Gettysburg campus security.

Author Mark Nesbitt wrote a book telling a story about two Gettysburg College administrators where working late one night in Pennsylvania Hall when they decided to call it an evening.  The two men took the elevator down to the main floor, but instead of the elevator stopping when they reached the first floor, it continued down into the basement.

When the doors opened, the men couldn’t believe their eyes.  The basement was filled with doctors and orderlies working on wounded soldiers.  Amputated limbs and body parts were piled up in the corner of the room.

The two men both began to panic as they pounded the elevator buttons to shut the door.  When the elevator start to work again, it brought them back up to the first floor.  The two men immediately went to campus security to tell them what they has just witnessed.  The guard on duty ran straight to the building, thinking it was a Fraternity prank.  When he got to the basement, there was nobody there.